Swiss Casino Review

The Swiss Casino offers its members a profitable line-up of bonuses, promotions, and specials—beginning with the stellar Welcome Bonus. A first-time player at Swiss Casino benefits from a 100% match (up to one hundred dollars each) to the initial four deposits made with the casino, as well as an additional twenty-five dollars added to the account for free on the very first player deposit. The bonus credits are designated to be used for gaming, so the player can’t simply make a deposit and then withdraw the bonus funds, but this is a standard safeguard in the casino industry, and in no way a “cheat” of the player.

The Casino Bonus cash can be used in wagering and gaming; with the winnings (above the amount of the bonus itself) belonging to the player in their entirety once a minimum amount of wagering has been met. Again, these guidelines safeguard the casino industry (preventing players from taking unfair advantage of the casino industry, in the interests of fair gaming), so a player who has met the minimum requirement of wagering twenty times the deposit and the sum of the bonuses will be free to withdraw any and all winnings. Specific games are excluded from the accounting when it comes to applying wagers to the minimum-for-withdrawal mark, so the player should be aware that wagers placed on Baccarat, Craps, Sic Bo, Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker Double, and Pontoon will not count toward that wagering requirement. Nevertheless, the casino offers well over one hundred games, and a player can enjoy profitable and entertaining play in numerous arenas while working toward the wagering withdrawal minimum. Additionally, a player who attains VIP status may apply to their personal Loyalty Manager, who acts as a concierge in the casino setting, for exemptions to play these “restricted” games as part of the count.

While a player enjoys the generous casino bonuses in the betting, they can also keep an eye on the Swiss Casino calendar of monthly online promotions. Every single day is marked on the calendar with a promotion of some kind, available to every member of Swiss Casino. For the High Roller, an entirely different level of bonuses is available with substantial deposits by the player. Swiss Casino will provide a $300 bonus with every deposit of $1,000-$1,500, a $500 bonus for deposits between $1,500 and $3,000, and a stunning $1,000 bonus for deposits over $3,000. The generosity of Swiss Casino bonuses makes a player’s deposit profitable in its own right, and provides the opportunity to enjoy the gaming wins which can multiply those bonuses indefinitely.